The benefits of cereal milk with health

Ngũ cốc dinh dưỡng kakas

Breakfast Cereal Milk 

With nearly 300 different types, cereals are not only a nutritious food source but also bring a lot of health benefits.

Providing more energy

Cereal contains complex carbohydrate to provide a lot of energy for the body. Using cereal milk for breakfast you will have an energetic day. In addition, nutrition in cereals is perfectly health.

Providing plenty of protein and fiber

Proteins are essential nutrients for the human body. For athletes, nutritious cereals provide metabolic proteins into amino acids that stimulate muscle growth.

Moreover, cereal flour also contains abundant fiber content, especially some with Beta-glucan. This fiber is effective in reducing bad cholesterol.

Today, using a lot of fast food, fried foods and an unhealthy lifestyle will make you more likely to be overweight and obese. Replacing this food with nutritious cereals will help you significantly reduce the amount of fat absorbed into your body.

Bột ngũ cốc dinh dưỡng kakas

Supporting weight loss

Because cereal flour contains very little fat, you won’t absorb too many calories when using them. In addition, cereal flour keeps you full for a long time, so it will reduce snacks or eat too often, thereby reducing your calorie intake. Using cereal flour to lose weight is a safe and quite smart choice.

Preventing cancer

Cereals containing phytosterols support in preventing cancer, especially breast and colon cancer. Because nutrients in cereals are different, doctors recommend that people of all age groups eat whole and varied cereals.

High-fiber cereals (whole grains, whole grains) are also beneficial in preventing various diseases (especially intestinal and digestive diseases).

Supporting management of sugar in the body

Nutritious cereal is a food that suits the diet for people with diabetes. Because of low sugar content and abundant fiber. You can be assured of fighting the disease and still ensuring the body is provided with adequate nutrients.

Synthetic fiber and carbon hydrate helps slow down the metabolism of food into sugar. In addition, magnesium in cereals stimulates the body to use sugar properly and excrete insulin. To prevent diabetes as well as to cope with it, use cereals or whole grains.

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Containing a variety of antioxidants, providing cardiovascular benefits

Some studies at Tufts University suggest that avenantramides antioxidants found in cereals help fight free radicals from LDL cholesterol. Thereby helping to reduce cardiovascular disease. Another survey by Harvard University found that in about 21,000 people over the age of 19 using nutritious cereals every morning, 29% of them were less more likely to have heart failure.

Boosting immunity

Beta-glucan in cereal milk also helps white blood cells move more quickly to infected areas. This helps your body kill bacteria faster and more efficiently.

With high nutritional value and many health benefits, cereal milk will be the perfect choice in everyone’s daily menu.

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